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Mon 19th - Fri 23rd August 2024

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Celebrating the 60th Annual Regatta

1973 Poster 1973 Poster The inaugural Federation Regatta was in 1963.

This is the earliest poster we can find. TapClick to zoom in. Note the amendments to the NoR!

Since 1963 the regatta has been held every year except 2020 making 2024 the sixtieth running of this event.

Now one of the biggest and best dinghy regattas on the UK’s South Coast, Race Week has something for everyone from weekend sailors to Olympic medallists.

It’s not a championship, it’s a regatta and that means first class racing in a relaxed atmosphere. With class starts and handicap fleets, the tidal yet sheltered waters of Chichester Harbour see locals chasing places and visitors finding new challenges.

Come and enjoy quality race management, bands, parties, sandy beaches, or just sit back and take in the scene from Hayling Island Sailing Club’s famous balcony.

Hayling Island Sailing Club

Hayling Island Sailing Club offers everything you ask for in a top class venue – space for boats and people; hot showers and cold drinks; easy access from London and the South Coast. And, as you expect from an RYA Centre of Excellence, first class race management and organisation.

In fact 8 out of 10 competitors rate the Race Week venue very good or excellent

Hayling Island Sailing Club

Getting there


PO11 9SL


The nearest railway station is Havant.


Buses 30 and 31 run from Havant bus station to Sandy Point Road then a 10 minute walk to HISC.


The nearest marina is Sparkes (023 9246 3572) about 10 minutes walk from HISC. Club swinging moorings may be available.


Helicopters by arrangement.


There are many opportunities for camping on Hayling Island but camping or caravanning in any form is not permitted at the venue during this event. See here for alternatives.
Sailing and Social Calendar

HISC Opening Times

Please refer to the HISC website for up-to-date times.
The information shown here is subject to change; please check for updates.
If the information shown here differs from that in the Notice of Race or the Sailing Instructions then the Notice of Race and the Sailing Instructions are deemed to be correct.

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Entries close on the last day of the regatta at 12:00.
Maximum 425 entries.
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Series, Classes and Class Flags
213 entries to date
Counts are number of entries.
TapClick for list. Rotate phone for more.
Series A (102)
5 races, 3 to count
14614 Tom Thirkettle HISC Sophie Thirkettle HISC
14636 Stuart Coles ESSC Ned Coles ESSC
14798 Nicholas Rees HISC Evelyne Schotte HISC
15087 Chris Powles HISC Darren powles HISC
15112 David Sayce HISC Steven Kyffin HISC
15130 Nick Hurst HISC Phil Popple HISC
15144 DJ Edwards Bough Beech SC Vyv TOWNEND Bough Beech SC
15149 Frank Warner HISC Emma Warner HISC
15161 Chris Turner HISC TBA TBA HISC
15166 Simon Kings HISC Caroline Stockman HISC
Flying Fifteen(13)
3736 Peter Bannister HISC Sue Bannister HISC
3812 Paul Maxfield HISC Caroline Maxfield HISC
3843 Jeremy White HISC Gaynor Orton HISC
3884 Mark Nicholson HISC Scott Nicholson HISC
3912 Charlie Mckee HISC Chris Morgan HISC
3939 Athol Rex HISC Roger . HISC
3957 Charles Apthorp HISC Timothy Apthorp HISC
3994 Ian Nicholson HISC HISC
4030 Alastair Stevenson HISC tba HISC
4046 Miles Odell HISC Neil Barford HISC
4060 Andrew Jameson WYC James Grant WYC
4082 Richard Jordan HISC Lotta Jordan HISC
4107 Mark Wood HISC Anne-Marie Wood HISC
Fast Handicap(12)
PY 1032 & below
Osprey 1291 Richard Marshall Nick Willis Nick Willis Poole YC
Osprey 1317 Simon Townsend Jack Townsend Jack Townsend ESC
Osprey 1326 Adam Southern Tristan Southern Tristan Southern ESC
Osprey 1369 Robert Southern Freddy Southern Freddy Southern ESC
RS 300 520 Luke South ESC
RS 300 544 David Acres ESC
470 855 Lindy Prescott Bart Prescott Bart Prescott .
Merlin-Rocket 3657 Charles Tavner EMMA TAVNER EMMA TAVNER HISC
Merlin-Rocket 3728 Judith Williamson Graham Williamson Graham Williamson HISC
Tasar 2932 Tessa Lancaster Nicholas Lancaster Nicholas Lancaster HISC
Tasar 2933 Rod Porteous Mo Porteous Mo Porteous HISC
Tasar 2975 Paul Ridgway Bronwyn Ridgway Bronwyn Ridgway L&LSC
Hadron H2 & DZero(12)
Devoti Zero 8.1 151 James Jenkins ESC
Devoti Zero 8.1 234 Max Jones ESC
Devoti Zero 8.1 309 Ray Collins Locks SC
Devoti Zero 8.1 312 Tim Weeden ESSC
Devoti Zero 8.1 313 Ian Lloyd Williams Bala SC
Devoti Zero 8.1 348 Leigh Russell Locks SC
Devoti Zero 8.1 362 Marcus Chavasse ESC
Devoti Zero 8.1 363 Nigel Cowan ISC
Hadron H2 108 Stephen Storey HISC
Hadron H2 152 Ian Dawson Warsash SC
Hadron H2 154 Adrian Williams Warsash SC
Hadron H2 156 Richard Le Mare Warsash SC
3 Simon Pettit HISC HISC
4 Russell Ward HISC HISC
12 Chris Waples HISC HISC
18 Jonathan Pyke HISC HISC
21 Michael De Courcy HISC HISC
22 Andrew Wylam HISC HISC
30 Ian Frayne HISC HISC
45 Simon Radford HISC HISC
48 David Hitchcock HISC HISC
90 Richard Sharp ESSC ESSC
108 Mark Macdonald MRSC MRSC
567 Martin Hughes Warsash SC Warsash SC
718 Graeme Macdonald MRSC MRSC
Fast Asymmetric Handicap(7)
PY 919 & below
49er Johnny Costard James Yearsley HISC PY 697
RS 800 1171 Louis Johnson Lucy Hewitson HISC PY 799
Musto Skiff 584 Andrew Gould ESSC PY 837
RS 700 1068 Roland Smith HISC PY 845
B14 620 Matt Banbrook Chris Hatton Bowmoor SC PY 853
B14 798 James Gardner Anne Gardner HISC PY 853
4000 4421 David Nunn Tony Banbrook Bowmoor SC PY 920
Slow Asymmetric Handicap(9)
PY 920 - 1006
RS 400 979 Charlie Sansom Esther Heathcote Bowmoor SC PY 939
RS 400 1323 Jack Miller Chris Anstey Locks SC PY 939
RS 400 1333 Rob Corfield Steve Foden DQSC PY 939
RS 400 1384 Trevor Newley Martin Wilson ESC PY 939
RS 400 1493 Geoffrey Holden Bernice Holden Locks SC PY 939
RS 400 1529 Clive Everest Helen Everest HISC PY 939
Devoti D-One 314 Tim Blackmore CYC PY 950
Melges 15 683 Stephen Cockerill Sarah Cockerill Stokes Bay SC PY 973
Buzz 826 Mike Walker Rhys Walker Bowmoor SC PY 1006
Gilly Ansell
723 Wilbur Palmer Ward ESC Max Devonport ESC
1789 Merry Lewis HISC Amelie Thompson HISC
2025 TBD TBD HISC Scarlett Gladman HISC
2327 Sophie Watson HISC Freddie Callaghan HISC
2433 Anna Morris HISC Freya Phillips HISC
2627 Henry Jones ISC Lucy Pitman ISC
2826 Maya Bergmann Smith HISC Olly Peters HISC
3408 Oliver Chambers HISC Izzy Johnson HISC
RS 200(17)
Joe Cox HISC Ned Cox HISC
Jack Hawkins HISC Anna Fordham HISC
512 Seumas Kilpatrick HISC Poppy Kilpatrick HISC
598 Aidan Mitchell HISC Ella Mitchell HISC
627 Emilia Ripley HISC Anna Elms HISC
729 Oliver Thompson HISC Yasha Malokov HISC
912 Yvette Mindel HISC Tom Gorringe HISC
1094 Leon Stein HISC Max HISC
1301 Laurie Callaghan HISC TBC HISC
1342 Sarah Green Llandegfedd SC David and Green Llandegfedd SC
1384 Jonathan Nicholls HISC Hannah Nicholls HISC
1415 Clare Whitehill HISC Gilly Phillips HISC
1433 Blythe Berry HISC Dilly Ala HISC
1533 Benjamin Ripley HISC Harry Thurlow HISC
1607 James Hall HISC Olivia Kerr HISC
1633 Fiona Pyke HISC Phoebe Pyke HISC
1670 Emilia Holden HISC Jemima Holden HISC
Series B (93)
5 races, 3 to count
Alex Gawley ESC Matthew Gawley ESC
Ed Sumner
Christine Harper HISC Andy Walter HISC
22 Toby Greatorex ESC Henry Langford ESC
2996 Lauren Griffiths Bowmoor SC Ellie Marshall Bowmoor SC
21431 Simon O'Hea ESC Lawrence Broad ESC
21527 Camilla Southern ESC Beanie Southern ESC
21718 Mike Osborne HISC Cheryl Osborne HISC
21881 Harry Gately Erith YC Paul Gately Erith YC
21994 Pippa Gawley ESC Kathyrn Palmer Sarah Best ESC
22098 Jonathan Bailey Weir Wood SC Matthew Bailey Weir Wood SC
22648 Jeremy Michell Erith YC Megan Gately Erith YC
Medium Handicap(22)
PY 1033 - 1220
Hadron H1 21 Julian Hines Netley SC PY 1070
K 1 97 Andrew Wilson Datchet Water Sailing club PY 1070
K 1 120 Jeremy Hudson Frensham Pond SC PY 1070
K 1 121 Graham Butler Datchet Water SC PY 1070
K 1 137 Simon Etter Datchet Water Sailing club PY 1070
K 1 161 Hilly King Datchet Water Sailing club PY 1070
K 1 163 Julian Leggett Datchet Water SC PY 1070
K 1 170 Ian Duke Datchet Water Sailing club PY 1070
Devoti Zero 6.9 28 Kim May-Papailiou Bough Beech SC PY 1075
Supernova 1069 Andy Marshall Bowmoor SC PY 1075
Supernova 1176 Mark Hitchmough Bowmoor SC PY 1075
Supernova 1318 James Gerwat Shoreham SC PY 1075
Supernova 1347 Steve Dixon HISC PY 1075
420 55102 Ruthie Gawley Beanie Southern ESC PY 1100
OK 42 Simon Childs HISC PY 1100
ILCA 7 141557 Andy Walter Hawley Lake STC PY 1102
ILCA 7 181047 Charles Portet HISC PY 1102
ILCA 7 215492 Andrew Hill-Smith Papercourt SC2 PY 1102
Wayfarer Lucy Haydon James Haydon Bowmoor SC PY 1109
Byte CII 3584 William Hinnigan Bowmoor SC PY 1132
Firefly 3739 Amy Morris Rachel Crebbin HISC PY 1174
Byte C1 3559 Sarah Hinnigan Bowmoor SC PY 1217
RS Aero 7(8)
RS Aero 7 1463 Paul Wright-Anderson Island Barn SC
RS Aero 7 2215 Ben Cooper HISC
RS Aero 7 2371 David Vialls Littleton SC
RS Aero 7 2440 Patrick Marshall Ocean Cruising Club
RS Aero 7 4091 Philip White Bowmoor SC
RS Aero 7 4228 Andrew Barnett Island Barn SC
RS Aero 7 4503 Tom Tredray ESC
RS Aero 7 4584 Ollie Holden HISC
RS Aero 6 & Europe(9)
RS Aero 6 1397 Matt Stein HISC
RS Aero 6 1411 Barbara Langford ESC
RS Aero 6 1783 Peter Coe Shoreham SC
RS Aero 6 2428 Mark Thurlow HISC
RS Aero 6 2570 Sarah Smith HISC
RS Aero 6 2962 Mark Ripley HISC
RS Aero 6 3806 Paul Hammett HISC
RS Aero 6 4517 Paul Oakey Portchester SC
Europe 421 Mark Swallow Tudor SC
RS Aero 5(19)
Charlotte Hitchmough Bowmoor SC Bowmoor SC
35 Christine Harper HISC HISC
1398 Elizabeth Hill-Smith Papercourt SC2 Papercourt SC2
1535 Belinda Cox HISC HISC
1674 Patrizia Thompson HISC HISC
1844 Chrissy Bird HISC HISC
2322 Linda Stokes HISC HISC
2370 Maria Rayner HISC HISC
2470 Katherine Edgecombe HISC HISC
2530 Clare Gamble HISC HISC
2682 Bridget Parker HISC HISC
2999 Debbie Caldwell HISC HISC
3196 Emily Bray HISC HISC
3671 Lindy Mitchell HISC HISC
3767 Jo Hewitson HISC HISC
3896 Kato Childs HISC HISC
4286 Carol Fiddaman HISC HISC
4293 Sue Wingrove HISC HISC
4460 Rosie Berry HISC HISC
4610 Bob Clarkson HISC HISC
4892 Ian Barnett CYC CYC
5382 Nev Watson HISC HISC
5569 Nicholas Rawlings HISC HISC
5748 Neil Davison HISC HISC
5793 John Ellis HISC HISC
5836 Mark Harper DQSC DQSC
6000 Bryan Taylor Frensham Pond SC Frensham Pond SC
ILCA 6 & ILCA 4(7)
Ivan Western West Wittering SC West Wittering SC
157576 Kate Gamble HISC HISC
181390 Simon Hill HISC HISC
182685 Russell Mead Lee on Solent Lee on Solent
195241 Oliver Nelson HISC HISC
205134 Edward Gamble HISC HISC
219663 Tom Flintham Frensham Pond SC Frensham Pond SC
RS Feva(8)
2 Felix Palmer Ward ESC Ru de la Haye ESC
413 Thomas Knight CYC Sam Machell CYC
783 Alex Davies Bowmoor SC Jasper Keck Bowmoor SC
3105 Rachel Dobrijevic HISC Felix Dobrijevic HISC
6165 Amber Giumali HISC Audrey Giumali HISC
6685 Daisy Tavner HISC Kitty Kalebka HISC
7530 Ruby Callaghan HISC Jasmine Pillon-Simpson HISC
7654 Amelia Davies HISC Lizzy Langford HISC
Series C (10)
10 races, 7 to count
RS Tera Pro &Tera Sport(9)
RS Tera Pro Sarah Holden
RS Tera Pro 2433 Beaulah Wilson HISC
RS Tera Sport 573 Enfys Horner TISC
RS Tera Sport 0000 Dylan Horner TISC
RS Tera Sport 1720 Cam Wilson HISC
RS Tera Sport 2918 Ryan wallace HISC
RS Tera Sport 3038 Noah Wyles ESC
RS Tera Sport 3577 Matilda White Bowmoor SC
RS Tera Sport 4112 Catherine Davies Bowmoor SC
5164 Jack Wood
Series D (8)
6 races, 5 to count
RS Elite(8)
46 Peter Copsey HISC HISC
63 Al Keck Bowmoor SC John Banbrook Simon Hinnigan Bowmoor SC
65 Toby Strauss HISC Rob Cruickshank HISC
69 David Nicholls HISC David Watson Nik Williams HISC
84 Fraser Elms HISC Georgina Smith HISC
93 Simon Radford HISC Emma Toman Alison Miller HISC
100 Tom Hewittson HISC Colin Smith HISC
101 Jonathan Henry HISC Dan Belton Mark Stokes HISC
If the information shown here and in the Notice of Race differ then the Notice of Race is deemed to be correct.
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